Senior Pastors of Living Truth Church

Blake and Mallory have a contagious affection for the things of God, and a love for people.  You will connect with them easily and find them to be very genuine and down to earth. Blake is a bold voice for revival in the body of christ and desires to see spiritual awakening come to America.  Mallory is the happy, bubbly, joyful person that everyone loves to be around.  She loves to host guests in their home and continually speaks hope and faith into the women of central Arkansas.  

Blake and Mallory have been involved in ministry since they were teenagers and received 3 years of training before moving back to Arkansas to be a part of what they consider to be the greatest opportunity of their life with Living Truth Church.  They desire to see God’s kingdom established in the lives of tons of people connected to this church. Their marriage is strong and vibrant. They recently had their first daughter, Harlee Anna, who has helped them understand God’s ultimate intention for the family to live out the word of God.  Its great to see people who are genuine, caring, and on fire for God.  

They will challenge you, pray for you, and make time for you.  You might find them hiking trails, grilling in the backyard, hunting, playing games with friends, or going out to eat.  Wherever you see them, they love God and love Others!


Founding Pastors of Living Truth Church

Walt and Vicki have stood on the mountaintop and they’ve walked through the valley, yet today, they still stand in awe at what God continues to do. Forty years of marriage and that many years of ministry stands in their wake, but according to them, the best is yet to come.

Walt grew up in the midst of a family trucking business and continued down that same business path as an adult. It wasn’t until age 30 that Walt responded to the call to pastor. God took Walt’s shy personality and molded it into the people lover and peace maker that he is today. Walt loves God’s word, and God has given him the ability to share it on a level that people can understand.

It doesn’t take very long to recognize that Vicki will quickly let you know how she feels about any given situation…the perfect balance to Walt’s personality and ministry. A quick-witted, faith-filled lady that will quickly tell you how great and powerful God is. If you have a need that you want someone to pray about, let Vicki know, and very soon, heaven will know.

Family is a very important aspect of their lives, so you’ll see them from time to time hanging out with some…or all…of their family of two children and five grandchildren. Walt and Vicki also love to travel the world, near and far, checking out all the beautiful stuff God created.

If you are a Pastor or Minister who desires to invite the Harrell’s, please contact us for prayerful consideration.